About us

Digital Bash Infotech is a top-notch website designing company that provides our clients with interactive digital and online marketing strategic services. We are located in the heart of Boisar and have no boundaries branching our services all over the country. From market branding and Corporate Identity, our services expand to website designing, digital marketing, content management and creative writing, blogs, social media promotions and postings, Google promotions, SEO’s, etc. Our prime focus is establishing a digital front hold for all companies that are budding and seeking to grow at an exponential rate.


Our Mission and Value are to be distinctive from other digital marketing firms with adherence to the latest technology but still having an existence of originality. Our core value is to leave our clients with a long-lasting satisfied encounter using our service and keep our clients coming back for more.

You can rest assured that signing up and becoming part of the ‘Digital Bash Infotech’ will help you, with creative and effective promotions dedicated to reaching your goals and potential. We analyze and smart search using search engine optimisation and identify various techniques, to increase website traffic and divert customers onto your portal, with attractive features new technology enhancements in digital marketing and phenomenal brand promotional technicality. With our improved ranking strategy your websites get the customer’s attention it needs, thereby, increasing the overall turnover of the company. Clients can list their requirements with us and our team of professional and experienced diagnostics will help furnish the company with effective branding and overall recognition.

We provide genuine and realistic animated presentation and appeal on the website with a remarkable high definition quality for websites and other coding and designing obligations. Our creative writers and designers ensure the quality and the aesthetic appeal of your desired website is always maintained. All our clients are well met with their requirements and are provided an accurate set of delivery time frame that is reasonable and well located. We also provide designs, logos and brand recognition to the highest possible availability with custom content and slogans that set you as a benchmark from your competitors.